Aug 26 2009

$10 Concerts From Major Artists

toby-keith-150x150 $10 Concerts From Major ArtistsWow, talk about your cheap concert tickets.  We must be in a pretty good recession if you can see a concert to a real act for only 10 bucks.  What’s even better about this offer is their are no processing fee’s or shipping charges from the ticket agent- which is Live Nation.  Just $10 a seat, which is sweet!

So if your looking for a show in your area, and want to pay a flat $10, then you should check out

I just picked up some Shooter Jennings tickets, what about you?

…This is a one day offer from live nation.

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    Aug 23 2009

    5% Checking Account- are you getting this much?

    high-interest-banking-cards-150x150 5% Checking Account- are you getting this much?Is your checking account a High Interest checking account? Do you get over 4% on your checking account? If you think that is unrealistic return, think again buster. There are over a hundred banks and credit unions across this great country that are offering 4-6% on your checking accounts. Now that’s a high interest checking account.

    Your probably think what’s the catch, right? Surprisingly, there are no hidden catches or gotcha’s. These intuitions are providing you a high interest checking account in an effort to start new relationships, raise assets, with a usually a few basic requirements that aren’t to onerous to meet.

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    As you will appreciate, this is somewhat paraphrased, but that was the gist of it. He moved fluidly, lightly, as though his feet barely touched the ground.

    Hard to believe he could have gotten as far as he has if he's crazy, I said.

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    Aug 20 2009

    Drinking Alcohol helps you Lose weight and makes you Healthier?

    alcohol-and-weight-loss1 Drinking Alcohol helps you Lose weight and makes you Healthier?Don’t you feel great after a nice cold frosty (beer) after a hard day’s work, or a great workout? I know I do. Currently, I’m usually too busy administering sippy cups to my two little kids or playing referee over who’s turn it to play with whichever toy they are fighting over to enjoy a nightly cold one.

    Researchers have long documented how moderate drinking can reduce the risk of heart attacks.  Moderate means 1-2 drinks per day about 4 days a week.  There are now new studies that point to lower rates of dementia in moderate drinkers.  Anecdotally speaking, my grandmother in-law is 99 and still drinks beer and is as sharp as a whip.

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  • But if your looking to shed a few pounds, their seems to be many better choices then alcohol to reach your weight loss goals.  Below is a handy dandy  chart for us drinkers which provides some good insight to our caloric intake when enjoying our favorite adult beverage.

    The list below breaks down the number of calories in typical alcoholic drinks. Compare some of your favorites to make a good choice next time you decide to indulge in a serving of alcohol. To maximize your caloric consumption while parting, some folks may choose a lower caloric drink and drink twice as much :lol: .  I guess they feel better about themselves.

    Red wine
    White wine
    Light beer
    Regular beer
    Dark beer
    Long Island iced tea
    Gin & Tonic
    Rum & Soda
    Whiskey Sour
    Serving Size
    5 oz.
    5 oz.
    5 oz.
    12 oz.
    12 oz.
    12 oz.
    3 oz.
    3 oz.
    8 oz.
    8 oz.
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    Let us say I'm a woman from a land where women are not used to being attacked on the road-- but where they're also not used to such kind concern from a stranger. I ought, of course, to hasten to the seat of war and try to start the dove of peace going into its act - have a bash, in other words, at seeing what a calm, kindly man of the world can do to bring the young folks together, if you get what I mean.
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  • Chart provided by medical news today.  An in depth article on drinking and your weight can be found at

    Chart provided by medical news today.  An in depth article on drinking and your weight can be found at

    Disclaimer: The statements contained in this material have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
    The personal testimonials shared reflect individual experiences of me and are not
    necessarily typical of the results you may obtain.  You have been warned.
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    Aug 18 2009

    Best Credit Card Hotel Rewards- Three Free Nights

    starwood-preferred-from-american-express Best Credit Card Hotel Rewards- Three Free NightsThe Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express is a great card which is free for the first year- I like free. In the reward program, one point is earned for every dollar spent on the card and double points are earned at participating Starwood properties and retail outlets. Cardholders also earn one additional point per $1 spent on qualified purchases through their membership in the Starwood Preferred Guest® loyalty program. Points can be redeemed for various travel services, such as free hotel stays and airline travel. Cardholders also earn 10,000 bonus points after their first purchase, which is enough for up to three free nights.

    This card is also great for people who like to travel and make the most of their existing frequent flier miles, and can be very useful for getting miles for many different airlines like Delta, American, and more. If you redeem for hotel rooms, you can get a cashback return of 6% or more.

    Click to either review  the offer or simply apply click on Review or Apply now:                                         review Best Credit Card Hotel Rewards- Three Free Nights apply-now Best Credit Card Hotel Rewards- Three Free Nights

    Overview of  Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card:

    •    Earn 10,000 Starpoints® with your first purchase - enough for up to 3 free nights at a Category 1 or 2 hotel.

    •    Plus - earn an additional 15,000 Starpoints when you spend $15,000 in 6 months.

    •    Use Starpoints for free nights and upgrades at over 890 participating Starwood hotels and resorts in 95 countries.

    •    Redeem Starpoints to fly on hundreds of airlines with no blackout dates.

    •    Earn one Starpoint for every dollar of eligible spending5 and double Starpoints at participating Starwood properties and retail outlets.

    …see offer for full details as the offer is subject to change.  You have been warned!

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    Aug 15 2009

    Top 10 Money Saving Tips for Wealthier Living

    money-saving-tips-150x150 Top 10 Money Saving Tips for Wealthier LivingWith the country in the midst of a whopper of a recession, you may be thinking about ways to cut back and watch what you’re spending more carefully then in the past. This is great thing to do, especially if you’re not forced to do it based upon your personal financial situation. Below are my Top 10 money-savings tips for folks that are looking to save some money and increase their wealth by changing how they spend their money, not stop spending their money. Think of it as getting more for less.

    1. Keep track of you Expenses
    If you don’t know where you’re spending your money it will be hard to start cutting back. Start capturing everything you spend money on over a 1 month period or try a two week period if all of your recurring bills fall within a 2 week cycle. This will give you some valuable insight to where your money is going. You may be surprised to see how much you’re spending on miscellaneous stuff over a month’s time. Then it’s up to you to figure out what you want to cut back. Also, consider renewing, replacing, and/or calling all the current recurring bills you pay looking for a better deal. This list includes your phone, cable, internet, insurance, car loan, credit card, mortgage, landlord, etc…

    2. Manage your Credit Cards like a business
    Today there are cards for every thing. 0% interest for 12 months- great if you carry a month debt. 5% back on gas- this is smart to have especially if you are driving over 200 miles a week. Money back on all purchases or travel points for every dollar you spend. You get the idea. You should have a different card that maximizes the reward for each type of purchase- i.e. gas, travel, groceries, retail goods, etc… Last year I received over $1,200 back in cash and free rewards just by using my credit cards effectively. You should get in the habit of maximizing the rewards based upon the type of purchase you are making. has most all options to choose from all the major card issuers in the industry.

    3. Add a little more too each Mortgage Payment
    This will save you tens of thousands over the life of the loan. Paying $114 extra a month on 30 year mortgage with a balance of $250,000 and an interest rate of 6%will save you about $55,632.63 over the life of the loan. You will also pay that loan off 5 years early. So you might want to think twice on how you spend your money each month- it can have a dramatic affect on your life. Check out this site to figure out your loan payment savings-

    4. Take In more and eat Out less
    You ever hear the saying less is more? Restaurants can be easy and convenient, but they cost you. Try to eat out only once every other week while taking in food from either a restaurant or a shopping center that has pre-cooked meals ready to go. You’ll save some money, still feel a little energize by not preparing the meals you take in, and hopefully you get to spend more quality time with your family or loved ones.

    5. Consider your employer’s Flexible Healthcare spending plan
    These types of plans allow you to put a set amount into the plan so you can pay expenses like co-pays, prescription costs, and over the counter medications with pre-tax money. This saves you over 30% a year by spending your money pre-tax- that’s some savings!  Please look closely into your plan options before choosing a plan- i.e. flexible spending accounts may not be your best option.

    6. Review & Consolidate your Insurance Policies
    If you’re like me, you probably bought your car insurance first, and then added other insurance products like Home Owners or Life insurance. Now is the perfect time to revisit all of your policies. Try combining as many of these policies as possible with the same insurer- you usually get a better deal when you consolidate policies with a single insurer.

    7. Submit an early & thorough Tax Return
    Sounds simply right? April 15th always comes sooner than you think…I personally have my tax return in before Valentines Day with a refund in hand for some spring break project. You can find a good accountant for $100-$300 depending on which part of the country you live in. A good accountant will easily make up for any costs associated with their services. If you feel like you can’t afford a professional or you are a do-it-yourselfer, at least purchase some software that can help find savings for you. TaxAct, H&R Block Tax Cut and TurboTax all do a great job of pointing out opportunities to save money.

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  • Anyway, over the past several centuries since the disaster at Vo Mimbre Mallorean society has become almost completely secular. Your pardon, Excellency, I said, forgive this intrusion, but ... my name is Barnabas Sackett.
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    8. Click for Coupons

    If you want to feel like you just got a small raise at work, start clipping or clicking coupons. Yes, it is now even easier to save money by printing coupons you want. If you put in the effort you will get rewarded every time. Try clicking for coupons at For larger purchases, sign up with a cash back site. I just joined Bing and earned $41 cash back dollars on 3 days just for buying what I wanted through their site- not bad. Their site is located at

    9. Make your home Energy-Efficient

    This is an area where the more you can spend, the more you will save. I recently hired someone to add additional insulation to my entire home. My circa 1950’s split ranch was definitely lacking some insulation, well, not any more! I’ve seen my rooms stay heated and cooled longer, air leakage cut over 30%, & my energy bill has gone down quite a bit. As a less costly first step, you could seal up your doors and windows with new weather stripping, add more insulation to your attic, clean your a/c unit, or start switching out your old light bulbs for fluorescent bulbs- this can save you big time. See the EnergyStar site for some great energy saving ideas.

    10. Drink more Water

    Water is virtually free and is great for your system. You will not only save a few bucks a month, you will also be a little healthier for it & may lose a few extra pounds without even trying.

    This last one may sound to simple to be very effective, but you can easily save a hundred dollars or more a month by substituting some water for you daily soda break or mid day coffee run. And if you look at #3 above, you can turn your water money into $55,000 over a period of time- that’s pretty cool. Now I’m not saying don’t indulge in your life’s pleasures, but I am saying with some simple tweaks to your daily routine, or maybe a switch of a company you do business, you can have a long lasting affect on your financial wellness.

    Now there you have it. My top ten ways to save some money, become smarter on how you spend your money, which should provide you great satisfaction in controlling your personal finances. This is the recipe for healthier and wealthier living.

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